Products and Equipment

Bolero PROD 11

The company can produce almost any metallic structure or part. Some of the main products the company manufactures are: metallic components for trains, metallic boxes for batteries and metal pallets, metallic accessories for power plants, hinges and clasps, metallic components for halls, metallic components for reels used for transporting cables (tirants with metric and Withfort threads, shims).

Bolero PROD 8

Bolero PROD 4

Some of the main company equipment include: CNC plasma cutter, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines,  Electrostatic Powder Painting equipment, presses, threading machine, aluminum and CO2 welding machines.

Bolero PROD 10                            Bolero PROD 9

Bolero PROD 3                              Bolero PROD 2

Bolero PROD

Bolero PROD 5

Our latest products: steel doors for lockers and ETA.

Bolero PROD 7

Bolero PROD 1


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