Bolero PROD SRL

 We wish you a big welcome to Bolero PROD SRL new site.

Here are some basic information about us !

We support the industrial development and every demand toward us is treated with seriosity and professionalism. Every time we find a solution for every demand. We are a group of people who are always at your service.

The company Bolero PROD SRL was founded in 1993 with its headquarters in Bistrita, Viisoara area, no. 61 B, Romania. The administration of the company, since its inauguration, is done by Betuker Otto Paul and Betuker Georgeta Daniela.

Since the opening of the company we developed strong partnerships with loyal clients like TIB Technology Industriebursten Ingrisch Austria which was 23.82% of the total fiscal value in 2014. We also have internal loyal clients from Romania like ROMBAT and VRG.

Some of the main products the company manufactures are: metallic components for trains, metallic boxes for batteries and metal pallets, metallic accessories for power plants, hinges and clasps, metallic components for halls, metallic components for reels used for transporting cables (tirants with metric and Withfort threads, shims).

The company also offers: aluminium and argon welding, mechanical productions and electrostatic painting. We provide you qualified engineers and technicians who are capable of professional design. Moreover all our workers have an impeccable work ethic and are fully qualified.

The company is divided in 5 main units:

  1. Mechanical production unit ( turning machines/lathes, milling machines, presses, drilling machines)
  2. Welding unit ( aluminium and CO2 welding machines)
  3. Electrostatic Powder Painting unit
  4. Cutting unit ( CNC plasma cutter, small and large guillotines)
  5. Assembly hall

We are wishing new partnerships with more other companies and encourage you to provide us all your demands and the opportunity to satisfy your needs!


Societatea BOLERO PROD SRL a fost infiintata in anul 1993 avand sediul in localitatea BISTRITA, cartier VIISOARA, NR. 61 B, JUDETUL Bistrita-Nasaud, imobil proprietatea firmei. Administrarea firmei se realizeaza de la infiintare de catre asociatii Betuker Oto Paul si Betuker Georgeta Daniela.

Inca de la infintare firma a dezvoltat parteneriate puternice cu clienti loiali precum TIB Technology Industriebursten Ingrisch Austria reprezentand 23,28% din cifra de afaceri in 2014. De asemenea avem clienti interni loiali precum Rombat si VRG.

   La aceasta data produsele firmei constau in: componentele metalice a vagoanelor de tren, cutii metalice pentru acumulatori si paleti metalici, accesorii metalice pentru centralele de incalzire pe baza de lemne, balamale si inchizatori pentru suprastructuri din fibra de sticla la Daciile Papuc, confectii metalice pentru hale industriale si statii de epurare ape uzate,componente metalice pentru tamburi din lemn necesari transportului cablurilor electrice-tiranti cu filet metric sau Withfort,saibe ,saibe central-.

Societatea executa si prestari de servicii: sudura in aluminiu si argon, prelucrari mecanice pentru terti, vopsitorie in camp electrostatic. Societatea are capacitate de proiectare prin personalul calificat de care dispune-ingineri, tehnicieni.

Firma este impartita in 5 sectii principale:

  1. Prelucrari mecanice ( strunguri, masini de frezat, masini de rabotat, prese, masini de gaurit)
  2. Atelier de sudura ( sudura in aluminiu si argon, aparate de sudura MIG-MAG)
  3. Vopsitorie electrostatica
  4. Atelier de debitare ( instalatii de debitare CNC oxigaz si plasma, ghilotine)
  5. Hala de asamblare

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